Anna & Elise

Elise Bocking

Pilates / Barre

Elise Bocking is a Pilates and Barre instructor, mother, and co-founder of Studio Move. Elise brings to Studio Move a great depth of experience and a lifelong passion for health and fitness.

Elise began her Pilates journey in 2002 and achieved her full Stott Pilates certification in 2004 through Elix’r Health clubs in Sydney, going on to become part of the Elix’r team.

Elise established her first business, ‘Tamarama Pilates’ in 2005 before leaving the Eastern suburbs of Sydney for the Northern Beaches of the Coffs Coast in 2008 and establishing her Woolgoolga based business, Pilates with Elise.

Elise discovered Barre in 2013 and soon realised that the combined elements of Pilates and dance made for a wonderful fit. Elise attained certification and soon after added it to the timetable for her clientele.

Elise also has a passion for skiing and spent many seasons in ski resorts including two as a ski instructor in Thredbo. She was also a co-host of several TV shows including ‘The Snowshow” and ‘Pilates TV’, which aired here in Australia and in the UK.

Elise continually strives to increase her clients’ postural awareness – be it in their day-to-day activities or when participating in high-performance sports. Elise warmly welcomes clients of all ages, abilities and fitness levels. One of her favourite sayings is, ‘íf you don’t use it, you lose it’.

When not working, Elise loves taking time out with her husband and two young sons. Together they make the most of the wonderful offerings on the North Coast, such as the many and varied mountain bike trails and the great surf breaks on the pristine beaches.

Photo of Anna Miley of StudioMove, Woolgoolga

Anna Miley

Exercise Physiology / Yoga

Anna Miley is an Exercise Physiologist, yogi, mama and co-founder of Studio Move. Anna is excited by the meshing of modern science with the subtle body wisdom of yoga to support people to heal on many levels.

Having gained her accreditation as an Exercise Physiologist with Exercise and Sports Science Australia (ESSA) in 2005, Anna is fully qualified to provide exercise therapy for the treatment of a wide variety of conditions including musculoskeletal conditions, chronic pain, and mental health disorders.

Anna completed her Yoga Teacher Training in 2008 with Santosha Yoga in Byron Bay and holds a Yoga Alliance registered Level 1 Yoga Teacher certification along with a Yin Yoga & Mindfulness certification. Anna has practised under the guidance of Ganesh Mohan (Svastha Yoga & Auyerveda), Geoff Brooks and Rebecca Gilby.

Drawn to yoga due to health issues in her late teens, Anna has never looked back, embracing the teachings of yoga to help her navigate and enhance her life. Anna loves the way yoga demands authenticity and never hesitates to laugh, cry or dance on her yoga mat.

Away from StudioMove, Anna and her husband Craig, along with their young children, spend time playing in the ocean and foraging in their large backyard garden.

Anne Forkert

Anne experienced her first yoga lesson at the age of 19 in Germany, in her country of origin. At the time, yoga wasn’t trendy in Germany, and this made Anne curious to learn more. She was pleasantly surprised by the emphasis yoga places on the connection between movement and breath, and to this day, believes the key to yoga is to stay connected to your breath.

Anne thrives on her continued learning through yoga, and delights in how vibrant she feels after a class or meditation. Anne maintains a calm personality and likes to take her time with things, a characteristic that explains her interest in the steadiness of alignment-based yoga with long holds. Anne aims to impart this sense of steadiness to her students.

Anne holds over 800 hours of Yoga Teacher Training certification with The Byron Yoga Centre and has also completed a Yin Yoga & Mindfulness certification. Anne’s classes are a bath of calming grounding asanas and breath work.

Photo of Rebecca Ross of Studio Move cross legged

Rebecca Ross

As a young dancer, Rebecca was introduced to Yoga through a contemporary dance teacher in Sydney who combined yoga into a dance warm up for all her classes. Her interest, sparked by the fascination and exploration of this movement, soon saw her immersed in intensives and workshops in the Sydney Yoga scene in Bondi Junction with teacher ‘Chandor’.

Rebecca continued to include yoga in her life, for all of its benefits, as she continued her professional dance career and became a mother to Teo and Jas.

Rebecca is the Director / Owner of Woolgoolga Dance Studio and completed her yoga teacher training with the Desa Seni Collective in Bali in 2014, after 20 years of personal practise. Her classes are underpinned by a deliberate and stable set-up of postures and connection to deep core lines, an ongoing check-in with breath, and an invite to check-in with our energetic states… And now and then… A random ‘dance session’. After all, where would we be without the dance of life?.

Haily McMahon

Haily moved to the Coffs Coast in early 2016 from Newcastle where she taught and managed YogaBodyWorks.

Haily ‘discovered’ yoga in 2010 when she began attending classes at YogaBodyWorks and hasn’t looked back, completing her teacher training in Power Yoga and Yin Yoga under the guidance of Karl Jaross, the principal teacher at YogaBodyWorks.

Haily wears her heart on her sleeve and loves to share the fun of yoga as much as it’s serious side. She loves the sense of community that a beautiful Yoga space provides. Her classes are dynamic, vibrant and will be sure to leave you feeling joyful and alive!