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Individual and Group Classes

Yoga classes at StudioMove embody the connection between breath and movement. Deeply grounded in safe therapeutic exercise principles, our teaching enables individuals to explore breathing practices and yoga postures safely and with maximum benefit.

We strive to encourage clients to practise yoga intuitively and intelligently cultivating a deep sense of comfort and ease in mind and body.

All our our teachers bring their unique flavour to each class, so whether you’re trying yoga for the first time or are looking to develop your current practises further, Studio Move has classes to suit.

Please note:

  • All equipment is provided for classes, but participants are welcome to bring their own yoga mats.
  • Anna encourages you to contact her before attending your first class.


Suitable for all. A therapeutic class that teaches healthy movement patterns using yoga postures and other movement methods. Focused on mobilising and releasing tension from mind and body. Great for those with injury, illness (mental or physical) or those with physically demanding work.


Suitable for all. Incorporates the elements of Hatha yoga; pranayama (breathing techniques), asana (physical postures) and relaxation. Teaches the foundational principles to ensure a safe practise which develops strength and suppleness in mind and body.


For those with yoga experience. This class will elevate your practise and your day. Infused with yogic philosophy, this class is taught with potent alignment cues to amplify the experience of your asanas and breath work. This class incorporates both vinyasa (flow) and static postures of a more challenging nature.

Stretch & Unwind

Suitable for all. A class balanced with gentle movement to release tension and fully supported reclining postures to help physical recovery and provide stress relief.

Yin Yoga

Suitable for all. A slow-paced class based on the philosophy of Yin Yoga includes long-held seated or lying postures. Staying in shapes longer helps to work into the deep tissues of the body. This slow and calm class will improve mobility and train the mind. Perfect to balance out a stressful and fast lifestyle.

Yoga for guys

This class is specifically for men to access the benefits of yoga. The vibe is casual and the class focuses on the physical release of tension through improving flexibility. There are tips and tricks for stress management thrown in.

Monthly Workshop

Each month Studio Move hosts a guest or resident teacher to explore yoga topics on a deeper level. These workshops are fun, interactive and an amazing way to immerse yourself in the vast realm of yoga.

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For more information on Anna’s availability or to engage her services for your next yoga or meditation event/training/workshop, please contact her on 0409 542 500 or by emailing at

Private Yoga Tuition

Are you unsure about joining a yoga class? Do you want to know what yoga can do for you?

Whether you are curious about how yoga can help you or you want to perfect your downward dog, private yoga tuition with Anna is a life enhancing experience.

Anna is passionate about teaching yoga on a one-to-one basis and offers personal yoga tuition. The significant advantage of engaging in private tuition is that it allows Anna to create the perfect yoga practise for you. Each session will provide you with a tailored, rich and intelligent experience of your health and well-being through the lens of yoga.

To chat with Anna about private yoga classes for yourself or next meditation event/training/workshop, please contact her on 0409 542 500 or by email

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